Hi ya’ll! After being away for a month I am working mostly behind the scenes on various other projects including my brother J.J.’s project American Indi-an. Here I get to try other styles and instruments that I rarely get to play as White Boy White such as banjo, ukulele and bass.

Also, I was completely out during the month of August doing the Camino de Santiago with my wife Pili. Together we walked over 600 km. This was our 5th time doing the camino and we are addicted! Now, it would be really hard to go a full month without playing so I brought along my ukulele which fit snugly in my backpack. In the evening I’d pull it out and pick a few tunes. Here is a video that my friend Michelle recorded on her smart phone.


I’ll be topping of the month of September with a show that I’ll do with Tano Mozzafiato at the 10th Mostra Internacional de Jazz i Blues de Cambrils at 5pm on Sunday the 30th.

I am in the midst of preparing a mini tour together with Bert Deivert. He will come back to Spain in December and we’ll be doing a bunch of shows together in very cool venues. I will definitely keep you posted.

I’m all excited. For me, this is the cool part of summer, taking trips and playing concerts and festivals and what not. Today, my brother J.J. is enjoying the arrival of his first solo album, In the Flesh,  with all original music. This has been an amazing project for him which includes a whole lot of invited musicians. Yours truly  has the honor of playing banjo on 2 tracks. Glad I could help! I’ll sit in with him on Friday and Saturday. After that, Tano and I are off to Sweden where we’ll eventually meet up with Bert Deivert and his amazing mandolin. I’ll be sure to post some pics!

july concerts White Boy White

Ok, April is shaping up to be a very busy month. Me and my guys are gearing for the upcoming Dixieland festival that they hold every spring here in Tarragona. This is a great opportunity to showcase new material and play some old favorites. I’ll have 3 shows with my buddy Tano and my mainstays Carles and Viktor to form my Power Roots Trio. Most of the latest info can be viewed on my Facebook page:

wbw dixie schedule facebook

After that we will have some other concert dates scheduled as well as  last minute shows that include house concerts of which I love doing! They are quite informal but properly rehearsed. Sometimes it is about sitting at a dinner table and pulling out the guitar and whatever else. Usually there are no amps involved and the listeners are clearly part of the show. We can goof with them and do some impromptu when the moment calls for it. This is always fun and unexpected!

May, I can hardly wait!!! Bert Deivert and his mandolin will pay us a visit and do a few cool shows with us.  Which will include a preliminary concert for the blues festival in Reus of which we are truly excited. I WILL keep you all posted!



I am working on a few tours for this spring and summer while lining up various festival dates. The big news is that I will be getting a visit from my old friend Bert Deivert who is known internationally for playing a truly smokin’ mandolin. I am in the process of getting us some gigs around Catalunya. We will also be joined by my harmonica friend Tano Mozzafiato who has been working tirelessly on ragtime licks through bendings and overblows. I, for one have never heard anyone do what he is doing! He’ll be a great addition to my spring and summer concert schedule.   Here is a quick sample from our practice yesterday.




This is a rare unplugged show we did on the big stage at the Capsa in Tarragona. It was a great night together with Tori Sparks and Calamento.


I have a few shows booked for November. If you are around  Tarragona, Friday, Nov. 3rd I will be breaking in a new harmonica player who I think has a real bright future. His name is Tano Mozzafiato and  we’ll be tearing up the room together with some real hometown blues and roots music. I hope to see you there too!

sopar nov 3 cal mano


Well, not everything goes according to plan. In the music biz, one has to have a thick skin. Strangely, I discovered that performing is the easy  part of it all. It’s all the preparation, time and investment that is the most taxing.

I was asked at one point if I wanted to be a judge in the Spanish selection of the 2018 European Blues Challenge. That would have been an honor, but I preferred to be one of the contestants together with Jr. Charley. Surprisingly, there were only 8 contestants, including us.  Regrettably, we didn’t win this time. Oh well!  The selected winners are Johnny Bigstone and the Blues Workers. So I have to say, congratulations are in order. I honestly wish them success in Hell, Norway! Good luck, Guys!


We have an exciting project that is underway. I don’t want to spill the beans yet but by the end of September we will announce our big plans and be requesting your participation to help form our project. At any time, all comments and thoughts are highly welcomed from our public. In fact, I personally look forward to hearing from any of you guys to exchange a thought or 2.

In the mean time, I will be going to Sweden to perform with Bert Deivert, mandolin extraordinaire. We will perform a pair of shows in Karlstad on the 15th and 16th of September.

Spring time is here and we are now getting to enjoy performing at out door events such as this performance we did here on May 12th at the  “Music Valls Va de Vins”

April will be a very busy month for me and my trio. We will be playing in quite a few activities such as festivals like the International Tarragona Dixieland Festival where we will be performing 5 shows. Also we will be doing an acoustic set for the Primavera in Black in Barcelona. Check out our concert dates for more info!

dixiecal mano

After relatively slow winter months, we are gearing up for spring time, oh yeah! We’ve got some interesting things to tell you guys.  I have been offering to come and play your neighborhood and some of you have responded! Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and ideas.  We are are now closing dates for the rest of 2017.

I’ll be changing my guitar strings. There is a long road ahead!

Calendar dates will be published very soon. We are just confirming dates.

I have lately been contacted by numerous radio stations that are requesting  my CD’s. I am overjoyed to accommodate. Write to me at

Happy New year everyone!!! From what I am gathering, this world will need a some extra- happy this year. We will do our part by first, doing no harm and secondly, spreading the joy of music to those of you out there wiling to take our offerings. Mainly we are preparing our calendar with lots of cool events. Please feel free to contact me if you want us to come out and play at your house.  Here is what I got going right now:

White Boy White’s Power Roots Trio

The recent formation of White Boy White’s Power Trio is a quirky international mix of misfit veteran musicians. Each character displaying their unique background and culture under the spotlight which provokes a truly visceral experience for the viewing audience. These guys will brazenly pump out the big sound of a 5 member band on any given day.

American front man, Richard “White Boy” White brews a twisted concoction of deep southern blues, ragtime and Piedmont of which has always been a dominant influence throughout his life. In 2016, White Boy released his solo album “Till I find my dyin’ bed”, to critical worldwide acclaim. In 2013, along with “Jr Charley” Vergés, he releases the album “Shadow of the night” produced by award winning, Memphis blues man Little Victor. With his distinctive dark, haunting voice, White Boy will leave no doubt from where his musical origins come from.

Catalan born Jr. Charley, is the young blood of this outfit. Jr. loves the blues but he bleeds rock and roll going way back to his earliest memories. This is a direct result from listening his father’s Franco-era bootleg record collection. Jr. blends the essential bottom note boom on guitar to give this power roots trio their signature sound.

Taking charge on the drum set is the Ukrainian Viktor Sytnik. Straight from the modern jazz arena, his well honed drumsticks transmit a plethora of rhythms from bygone eras right up through the latest groove patterns. Viktor’s rich performing history is a true treasure to be experienced. There is nobody like him out there!

Check out the new 2017 uploaded videos HERE!

It looks like there are some changes to our November/December schedule:

26 November – La Capsa de Musica – Tarragona. Spain

29 November – UN – Geneva, Switzerland

2 December – M’Art – Cambrills, Spain

9 December – Bar Viktoria- Miami Beach, Spain

17 December – Food Trucks – Altafulla, Spain

19 December – Nadal musical amb la Via T – Tarragona, Spain

30 December – La Cantonada – Tarragona, Spain


We got some shows happening this month that will be real cool some locally and some in France and Switzerland. We will be in Geneva on the 29th of November playing at the United Nations. I will be bringing along the Drivetrains that include Jr. Charley – Catalonia, Viktor Sytnik – Ukrania, and Tom Mendy – Switzerland. This is a very international band! We’re still booking gigs along route. If you want us to come by your town and shake out a few songs for you all, give me a shout. I might be knocking on your door.

Hi Guys,

We are wrapping up the summer with some great memories, lots of gigs and great audiences. I will be out and about this fall mostly writing new songs and improving our stage show. For our fans around northern Europe, keep an eye open for us. It is very likely we will be playing in your neighborhood in 2017. I am truly looking forward to meeting you all.

Here is a little highlight from our summer 2016

Friday, July 1st I will be performing with Jr. Charley  at the Reus Blues Festival. We would love to see you there and perhaps have a chat after the show.

Cartell Blues 2016 reus festival

Till I find my dyin’ bed is now available as a download on CDbaby!

Click to listen at CDBaby

The Tarragona release of the new disk is Friday 20th of May at 11pm!

Any of my fans in or around Tarragona, Spain are welcome to join me at La Cantonada Where I will be performing the new songs from the new disk along with Jr. Charley. This will be a cool opportunity to enjoy the ambiance and pick up a signed copy of Till I find my dyin’ bed.

If you were kind enough to help me out with the Kickstarter. We will have the list of who you are and you can redeem your signed CD at that time.

It has taken a long time but I think it was worth the wait. This album is far better than I would have ever expected thanks to the great talent of Jr. Blues Charley- guitarist/ producer, Tom Mendy – bass, Marcel Redondo – drums, Oscar Diaz-harmonica, Debbie Bond – backing vocals, Bert Deivert – mandolin.

Richard “White Boy” White brings something new to the blues, combining traditional acoustic sounds of old-style southern blues with new resources and electronic effects.  Muddy Waters, Blind Willie McTell, Memphis Minnie, and Blind Lemon Jefferson are updated for today’s listeners, and their original musical ideas take on new lyrics and new life in these arrangements.    Dr. David Evans – Professor of ethnomusicology

brennen album cover white boy