At Least You Got A Job

Get up in the morning, get up real early.

Get to the office, get there on time.

And if the ask you.

When they task you.

That’s how we all earn a dime.

So you wanna raise?

Not hear these days.

Not unless you’re workin’ for the mob.

It all seems rather nasty….I know!

but at least you got a job.

It’s hard to believe, you’re still workin.

It’s hard to believe, you’re still employed.

You seem so busy, in such a tizzy.

But somehow you don’t seem that overjoyed.

Not to be worried.

Your fears are buried.

Needn’t complain and sob.

Walk along and smile..cause.

At least you got a job.

Vacation time, it’s around the bend.

Give it up or your job might end.

You’re on deadline, yes indeed!

Wouldn’t leave your brothers, in their hour of need.

It’s the same old story, since the world begun.

There are the chiefs, and you’re not one.

And maybe someday, and maybe someway.

Workin’ those extra hours are almost fun!

Your savings account, has no amount.

Cause the banks sure know how to rob.

I know just what you’re thinkin’.

But at least you got a job!

copyright – 2016 SGAE – Richard White