Richard “White Boy” White is an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter delivering a unique blend of Piedmont Finger style, Delta, Memphis and Swing to audiences all over the world.


From his humble beginnings in the coffee houses of his hometown Philadelphia, he made his way to Europe to tour through Norway and Holland before returning to the states to study with the master of the eight-string classical guitar, David Harris. Over the years he has shared stages and licks with many world-class musicians, and credits his mentor David Harris with helping to shape his take on the world.

The road eventually brought him to New Orleans, a period which had a profound influence on his style and outlook. From which, he slowly brewed a twisted concoction of deep southern blues, swing, ragtime and Piedmont sprinkled with a touch of social commentary and satire. This can be witnessed directly across numerous international stages through his uniquely deep singing voice backed by his haunting guitar playing.

In much the same way as did blues legend Robert Belfour, White Boy began his recording career later in life, releasing an album with Pig Fat titled Shadow of the Night in November 2013 along with with Jr. Blues Charley and Little Victor. His long-awaited follow up album, “Till I Find My Dying Bed” released in 2016, was well received by many prominent international blues blogs and magazines.

Besides travelling the world with guitar in tow, White Boy is an acclaimed visual artist and sculptor with many international exhibitions to his credit, his works much lauded by critics, art lovers and his peers. He founded the Tarragona Blues Festival in 2010 which ran for 5 years showcasing international as well as emerging blues artists. He’s currently living in Tarragona with his wife Pili.