Are You Really Worth It?

Richard “White Boy” White

You’ll find it hard to remember.
Just how those stormy waters end.
You can search your way up to the heavens.
Take back the letters you wish to send.
I’m staring through the key hole in the window,
Where the waves crash down upon the floor,
It’s time that we should draw the curtain,
Please make it right,
and hold me tight,
Forever more.

Now the tide is long and narrow,
As it cuts straight through to the bone,
It’ll leave you with all the others,
While it leaves you all alone.
With one eye to the future,
You go way beyond years,
To view through judge and jury,
No corner to hide,
No wheels will ride,
And drive away the tears.

Well, we have lived our lives to the core,
But we want so much more than we did before,
All the times we should have traveled,
And never step one foot outside the door.

The more you try to deny it,
Only makes it that much more true,
The homecoming queen made such a scene,
When she laid down beside you.
The bridesmaids came to collect you,
But I feared you not so well,
We’ll meet them all down at the station,
Red skies at night,
Oh sailors delight!
But I’ll never tell.

Red skies at night,
Oh! sailors delight.
Stars up above,
Man they feel so right,
And I’ll never be passing this way no more.

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